Lovely Cadiz

Lovely Cadiz
Cadiz - my favorite place so far in the trip to Southern Spain

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Piccolo Bloggo Seidicesimo: A Brief Question, an Informal Survey – please advise!

As if Dottore Gianni is not traveling enough already during 2011-12, he began thinking yesterday about doing something he’s wanted to do for a long time – to spend a few days at Carnevale in Venice. 

Ryanair is not cheap but not terrible at 155 GBP round-trip. Hotels are of course more expensive than usual, but the good doctor has found a few for under $200 a night.

SHALL Dottore Gianni splurge on this decadent weekend? He relies on your help! PLEASE ADVISE, either through a comment to this blog post or on facebook – mille grazie!

p.s. I typed in "please advise" without really thinking about it, but I was just reminded of a famous witty telegram Robert Benchley sent to a friend from Venice:
"Streets filled with water -- please advise."

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